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Crochet Traveller Raffia Hat

The classic cattleman crown lends the western hat a stylish, dramatic touch. But it’s not just the characteristic center dent and deep creases that give the hat its dynamic look. The wide brim, which slopes up along the sides dramatically, makes this design a lively, cheerful attention-grabber. Contains non-textile parts of animal origin.
980,00 kr

Gambler Raffia

Raffia straw, which is derived from tropical African palms, is familiar with hot climates. Young palm fronds are covered with bast fibers that are later separated and dried to produce natural straw. The flexible, light-weight fibers ultimately produce the carefully woven material used for modern headwear. The design of this high-quality Stetson hat comes from the Australian cattle ranches on which “gamblers” are traditionally worn. The upward-turned brim, which offers great wind and weather protection, is a defining feature of this ultra-stylish, carefully crafted cowboy hat. Contains non-textile parts of animal origin.
1 350,00 kr