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Trilby Toyo

The 100% viscose material features an impressively soft feel and modern, consistently stylish look. This makes it easy to combine the design with a variety of summer outfits. One fold and two pleats provide the trilby with lively, cheerful charm; it’s exciting and yet elegant. The flat crown and small brim enhance the design with a modern, athletic touch. This model can be combined with a wide variety of looks and is always in style.
720,00 kr

Diamond Seagrass Crochet Sustainable

One advantage of the narrow-brimmed straw hat with diamond crown is its sustainable design. Natural shellac is used to shape the natural seaweed from which the model is made. The hat band is also made from a climate-friendly twill of cotton from regenerative cultivation and recycled cotton textiles. All other elements, such as the outer brand label, the care label and the sewing threads, are also made from recycled materials. Crochet seaweed is ideal for light, airy, summery headwear. The material is handmade and very sturdy. Since the 100% straw fibers are natural, they have natural color variations that give each hat an authentic look. The processed seaweed fibers are flexible and breathable. This ensures a consistently pleasant wearing comfort. The most special thing about this diamond style is how it looks from above. Seen from a bird’s-eye view, the crown takes on the contours of a diamond. A flat top and small, upturned brim are typical for the look of this hat. With its slim silhouette, the shape is appealingly cosmopolitan, yet not ostentatious.
1 350,00 kr

Player Panama Crochet

A variation on the pork pie hat, the “player” has a narrow brim that is slightly upturned all the way around the head, lending it an air of agility. This timeless yet modern design is also reflected in the centerdent creased crown.
2 080,00 kr


SEEBERGER WOMEN STRAW HAT 100% SEAGRAS CLOCHE WITH LEAF PRINT TRIMMING 55231-0 This classic cloche-shaped by Seeberger gets a feminine look due to the decorative fabric trimming. The transparent braided material is air-permeable and turns the hat into the perfect companion for hot days.
525,00 kr

Seagras small cloche

This friendly cloche-shaped from Seeberger is a wonderfully casual and comfortable summer headgear thanks to 100% seagrass. While the elastic sweatband ensures a secure fit, the sloping brim provides optimal protection from the sun. - brim length around 5cm
575,00 kr

Wheat braid cap with ribbon

SEEBERGER WOMEN STRAW HAT WHEAT BRAID CAP WITH RIBBON INSERT 54975-0 BLACK M This cap from Seeberger in light and high-quality wheat straw braid provides pleasant shade and protects the face from aggressive sun rays. A filigree ribbon bow provides the feminine charm of the summer cap. - brim length around 9cm
520,00 kr