Holebrook Sweden

For more than twenty years, they have remained our sources of inspiration — all the way through our brand‘s natural evolution from sea to land. They are there with us when we knit for warmth and comfort, when we sew for a perfect fit and unhindered movement. They are there because they shape the very nature of our brand.



Bittan Sweater

A knitted sweater in super soft extra fine merino wool! Nicely detailed with collar, slits at both sides and a bit wider sleeves. 100% Extrafine Merino Wool
1 699,00 kr

Hulda Crew

A knitted sweater in cotton
999,00 kr

Hulda Turtle

A knitted sweater in cotton
999,00 kr

Inger Turtle

A knitted sweater in 80% Wool 20%PA
1 699,00 kr

Vilma Vest

Stylish vest knitted in organic cotton
1 399,00 kr