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Army caps

The military look, a look for modern heads –  army caps by Stetson USA. 
Even hat trends have been taken over by the military look. The military look has influenced styles of jackets, sweaters and t-shirts and is now also inspiring headwear. Whilst they used to be associated with the army and Cuban dictators, army caps have now become must-have headwear. Army caps, just like many other hats and caps from Stetson, fulfil the need for comfortable and fitted sun protection.  – the army cap is a functional cap that will not let you down.


In the army? Durable and robust like this leather peaked cap from Stetson, it wont be a problem for you. Thats just how this army cap feels as it accompanies you through everyday life. It will gladly go along to your next concert. Meanwhile, the metallic ventilation eyelets ensure a cool head. One of a kind and self-confident - open at the back, with a buckle. One size, with brand embroidery and ventilation eyelets.
720,00 kr