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When you order products from ÅsaGotland(Aspea Systems AB) (corporate ID no.556615-0420), the following terms and conditions apply. This means that, as a consumer, you accept and approve these General Terms and Conditions in all purchases at Orders can only be made by persons that are 18 years old or older, or with the parent’s or guardian’s consent. These Terms and Conditions may be modified at any time by ÅsaGotland(Aspea Systems AB), without prior notice. Please note that the valid version of the Terms and Conditions for your order is the version that was in effect at the time when you placed the order.

ÅsaGotland(Aspea Systems AB) comply with current consumer law provisions and the EU law on data protection and privacy, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please go to the privacy info for more information.


ÅsaGotland(Aspea Systems AB) reserves the right to cancel a purchase entered due to any errors concerning stock status or price. If a product is sold out or is unavailable for any reason, ÅsaGotland(Aspea Systems AB) is not obliged to supply the product. In this event, ÅsaGotland(Aspea Systems AB) customer service will contact you shortly by e-mail.

We issue a disclaimer with regard to any price changes, printing errors, errors in product images and/or inaccurate information caused by technical or human error. We reserve the right to make changes to prices and purchase conditions.


The price for each item is displayed in the shop. If you are located Sweden, Denmark and Finland VAT/sales tax is included within the price of the product. If you are located in other countries, you are responsible for paying sales tax and import duties, if any (as applicable within each jurisdiction). ÅsaGotland(Aspea Systems AB) will not be held responsible for any such sales tax. Please contact your local customs office for more information.


ÅsaGotland(Aspea Systems AB) offers payment with Payson for customers in EU. Right now we cannot handle customers from other countries.

Terms and Conditions for Payment by Invoice

1. General
When paying via invoice, the Merchant cooperates with Svea Bank AB (publ), hereafter Svea. All invoices are handed over by the Merchant to Svea. This means that payment must be made to Svea.

To buy against an invoice, you must enter your Swedish social security number or organization number in the checkout. The prerequisite for an individual to be allowed to buy against an invoice is, among other things, that you are registered in the population register in Sweden, are over 18 years of age and have no payment complaints. The usual credit check takes place after you enter your social security number or the company’s organization number at the checkout. By shopping with invoice, you accept that Svea may preform a credit report. In that case, a copy of the credit information will be sent to you, unless the information refers to a legal entity.

2. Payment terms etc.
Payment must reach Svea within 14 days from the invoice date, unless otherwise chosen at the time of purchase. Companies that pay against an invoice must be registered in Sweden and must pay within 30 days from the invoice date. In the event of late payment, a statutory reminder fee is payable. Late payment interest is charged at 2% per month. In the event of non-payment, the invoice is handed over to debt collection.

3. Merchant terms
You will find the additional merchant terms in the Merchant website.

4. Paying in installments
If you choose to pay your invoice in installments (does not apply to the Recurring payment service) according to the terms of the invoice, the debt is transferred to an account, whereby Svea’s General Terms and Conditions for Instalment/Account apply.

Terms and Conditions for Partial Payment by Invoice

Some Invoices might specify that a “minimum amount is payable.” If you choose to pay this amount or an amount that is less than the total invoiced amount, an account credit agreement will be entered into with Svea Bank AB at the terms specified in the General Terms and Conditions of the enclosed account agreement.

If you have any questions, feel free to call 08-51493113 for more information.

Complete partial payment terms and conditions.


Terms and Conditions for Partial Payments

At the time of purchase, subject to an approved credit check, Payson provides the option of entering into a partial payment agreement with Svea Bank AB at the terms specified in the General Terms and Conditions of the enclosed agreement. The credit offer applies to the amount specified in the account agreement. You select the credit period by checking the option that best suits you. You agree and undertake to repay the entire credit amount within the credit period. This means that your minimum payment every month is the sum that is specified in the option you select. Obviously, you may pay more than the minimum payment or pay off the entire credit amount in a lump sum without incurring any extra charges.

*Partial payment interest-free:
3 months, interest-free; setup fee SEK 95; administration fee SEK 29; interest 0.00%
6 months, interest-free; setup fee SEK 195; administration fee SEK 29; interest 0.00%
12 months, interest-free; setup fee SEK 295; administration fee SEK 29; interest 0.00%

Partial payment, interest-bearing (if order value exceeds SEK 5 000):
24 months, setup fee SEK 295; administration fee SEK 29; interest 9.95%


Information about Card and Direct Debit Payments

Payson works with VISA and MasterCard as well as Diners and Discover for card payments. Card payments use 3D-Secure technology, which is a standard developed by VISA and MasterCard with the intention of securely identifying the consumer when purchasing online. Payment by card takes place according to current rules for online payment in Sweden and the EU. Please note that all credit and debit card transactions are charged at the time of purchase.

Payson cooperates with Trustly Group AB (reg. no. 556754–8655) for payment via bank, “Trustly” is a Swedish authorized payment institution under the supervision of the Financial Supervisory Authority. The company conducts licensed payment service operations in accordance with the Swedish Act (2010:751) on payment services and, through notification to the Financial Supervisory Authority, has permission to provide payment services within the EU/EEA.

Trustly’s General user terms and conditions and Trustly’s Privacy policy


Terms and Conditions for Payment with Swish

1. General
Some merchants offer payment with Swish via Payson. When you pay with Swish to Payson, the buyer protection service (see point 2) is included for you as a consumer. To pay via Swish, you need to have the Swish app and Mobile BankID installed on your device. Please note that Swish is charged directly at the time of purchase. No fee is added when paying with Swish. In case of a repurchase, the money is returned to your bank account through a new Swish payment from Payson, alternatively to your account at Payson.

2. Buyer protection
If your ordered item is not delivered as agreed, you are covered by Payson’s buyer protection (“Buyer protection”) which gives you extra security. This means that, if necessary, Payson will help you and the merchant to come up with a solution or that you will get your money back. In the first place, you should contact the store in case of any problems and questions about your order.

3. Buyer protection terms
Buyer protection only applies to consumers when purchasing physical goods and when paying at Payson with Swish. (For example, Buyer protection does not apply to purchases of non-physical goods such as events and services, or for purchases between businesses). Please note that the merchant’s terms and conditions of purchase, and conditions for refunds, take precedence and that Buyer protection cannot be used to invoke guarantees not offered in the terms of purchase. You must have been available to receive the delivery or alternatively followed the instructions for pick-up as communicated to you. Buyer protection applies up to 10 days from the time of delivery, but no more than 70 days from the time of payment. Consumer protection legislation applies preferentially and is not overridden by Buyer protection.


For more information regarding payments with Payson, please visit Payson Terms. 




ÅsaGotland(Aspea Systems AB) currently delivers all international shipments using DHL Express. It’s easy, fast and secure to ship with DHL Express. Right now we only ship to Sweden and other EU countries

The delivery time is normally 3-7 working days but depends on country. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a shipping notification from DHL Express. DHL notifies you by email and/or SMS about your shipment’s progress and estimated delivery date/time. 


Shipping fees:

Sweden Flat rate: 59 SEK free delivery at 800 SEK

Other EU countries Flat rate 159



If a delivered package is not collected, we reserve the right to charge you a fee covering the entire cost of the shipping as well as any additional penalty and processing fees. Non-collected packages are normally not covered by the right to return items.



When shopping at you are always entitled to a 14 days full refund guarantee from the date on which you received your goods. In the case of returns, the goods must be returned in the same state as they were in when they were delivered to you. The item must be returned in the same packaging in which it was delivered.

Please note that the shipping cost will not be refunded in the case of a return. The cost of the return will also be at you own expense.

The right to return does not include customized products.

Please follow our instructions regarding Returns. After you have notified us of the desire to return the product, you will receive more information by e-mail



ÅsaGotland(Aspea Systems AB) will cover all costs of replacing the merchandise due to damage caused during transportation or in the event of a manufacturing fault. If a product is damaged or is otherwise faulty when it arrives, a claim should be filed (if possible) within 7 days from receipt. Please contact [email protected] and report the damage with relevant details about the damage and your current order number.



ÅsaGotland(Aspea Systems AB) fails to comply with the agreement because of unusual adverse circumstances outside of its control due to force majeure such as strikes, civil unrest, war or natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, volcanic action and other similar matters, then ÅsaGotland(Aspea Systems AB) cannot be held responsible for the consequences.